AirBaltic recognized as the most punctual air carrier in the world

The aviation industry market research and analysis punctuality publication of "OAG Aviation Solutions" (OAG) for the year 2015 again ranks "airBaltic" as number one in the world with 94,39% of flights arrived on schedule in 2015. Second place takes Panamanian airline "Copa" with 91.69% of arrivals on time, followed by Brazilian carrier "Azul" with 90.44%. Among the ten punctual airlines in the world there are four European airlines - "airBaltic" (1st place), "Finnair" (6th place), "Austrian Airlines" (8th place) and "LOT Polish" (10th place).


Rank Carrier

Average punctuality


1 airBaltic 94.39%
2 Copa Airlines 91.69%
3 Azul 91.03%
4 Japan Airlines 90.44%
5 All Nippon Airways 89.65%
6 Finnair 89.52%
7 TAM 89.50%
8 Austrian Airlines 89.28%
9 Hawaiian Airlines 89.11%
10 LOT - Polish Airlines 88.88%
11 Virgin Australia 88.56%
12 KLM 88.45%
13 SAS 88.21%
14 Monarch Airlines 88.18%
15 Qantas Airways 88.08%
16 Iberia 87.53%
17 Flybe 87.47%
18 Air New Zealand 87.33%
19 Qatar Airways 87.12%
20 Norwegian Air Shuttle 86.67%

Source: OAG On-time performance results for airlines and airports, January 2016


"Airlines schedule is the most important element of what a traveler buys, passengers need to be able to plan with affordable and reliable arrival and connection times," said OAG CEO John Grant. "In this digital age, passengers have more data available than ever before. Travelers as easily as airline and airport staff can see the information on flight delays".


Grant also pointed out that airlines and airports punctuality play an important role in this industry, because in the future it can lead to positive changes in aviation. Comparison tool is a powerful key performance indicator that helps to present products to the travelers successfully. "Greetings to all "airBaltic "team. To win once is great, but to do so in two consecutive years in our industry is awesome result and proof of the success of the company's management and all employees," asserted Grant.


The airline explains that "airBaltic" was the first airline in Europe, which in 2009 introduced the timely arrival guarantee. This insurance offers additional benefits in the rare cases where the delay happens. "AirBaltic" CEO Martin Gauss in turn indicates that the airline's customers can rely on punctual flights. "AirBaltic" team is proud to have been able to achieve this result for the consecutive second year, especially because  we see less European airlines in the TOP 10 list in comparison to the previous year," says Gauss.


"OAG Aviation Solutions" (OAG) is a British private company founded in 1996 that provides digital information and intelligence solutions to airlines, airports, government agencies and tourism-related companies. OAG maintains a database that includes future and historical flight details in relation to the 900 airlines and more than 4,000 airports.


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